EU Residency Scheme

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Permanent Residency in Cyprus allows you and your family to live freely in the EU and enables access to excellent healthcare and education while allowing you to travel with ease. For those who may be at risk of uncertainty in their home countries Cypriot Residency offers an insurance policy allowing peace of mind should the need arise.

A single real estate investment of 300,000 in one or multiple qualifying properties is all that is required to secure your status. This investment enables you, your spouse, children up to the age of 25 and the applicant and spouses’ parents to be issued with permits – uniquely to Cyprus the status is valid indefinitely, so long as you are not absent from Cyprus for 2 years or more.

A Fastrack application process sees you obtaining permanent residency status in 2 months.

Medway International

Benefits of the Cyprus Residency Program

  • Fast Track Permanent Residency Program – 2 Month application process
  • Entire Family are eligible – Including Spouse, Children, Parents of the main applicant and parents In Law
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus prior, during or after application – However Holders of PR must visit at least once every 2 years.
  • Only One Visit to Cyprus required for Biometrics
  • Citizenship Can be applied for after 5 years if all conditions are met.
  • Valid for life
  • Security – Your families security guaranteed, have an insurance policy against unexpected economics or political instability
  • Attractive Tax Regime – Zero Taxes for non-domiciled individuals – No dividend tax – no inheritance tax
Medway International

Medway International

Timeline – 2 Month Application Process

step one

Talk to Medway’s Specialist Immigration Advisors

Taking time to understand each and every client’s individual circumstances is key to Medway’s success. We will assist you to ensure the best investment options are matched to your requirements to ensure a seamless application process for your families new Cypriot Residency.

step two

Visit Cyprus to view your carefully selected property investment options

This is where our experience and knowledge of the local market comes into its own – offering you direct access to the best properties, hand selected by our experienced Cypriot staff. Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive at the airport.

step three

Preparation of application and investment – 3-4 Days

  • Minimum investment level of €300,000 plus bank deposit of a minimum value €30,000
  • Preparation of residency application file
  • Preparation of supporting documentation
  • Application Submission

step four

Application Process, due diligence and approval – 2 Months

  • Immigration Certificates are issued
  • Within 1 year of approval the applicant and all family members attend in person to obtain their permit