About Us

Our Mission is to be referred by every client for our transparent, well-informed client focussed service. Our Vision is to offer a seamless transaction, an innovative real estate selection, provided by highly trained professionals who value traditional service, ethical practices and who wish to always be sustainable and socially aware in the areas in which we operate.

Medway offer a level of service unsurpassed in the execution of our duty, we offer the most extensive level of research, due diligence and care in your search for real estate whether it be for relocation, lifestyle, or investment – we are your property concierge, always available.

Specialising in the finest locations – Marina, Resort, Golf and Eco properties – your buying decision will always be the solid foundations of your future happiness. Our recommendations speak for themselves carefully fulfilling all requirements as set out from our initial qualification process which leaves nothing to chance.

We offer our clients private viewings of the most luxurious properties, many exclusively available prior to general market release.

Your First step is to contact us, our initial meeting will be a factfinding mission – we are happy to meet you at a location you feel most comfortable with or that best suits your schedule.